Why Your Ecommerce Website Needs Automation

Let’s assume you get 100 people to your Ecommerce website. Some hit your front page and leave, some add a few items to their shopping carts. If you break down your visitors, you’ll get something similar to this:

shopping funnel

The above is actually a very optimistic breakdown, but you get the idea… The “Order Complete” stage was reached by a small fraction of actual visitors.

Here are some answers why your ecommerce website need automation

How do you convince the others who evidently invested some time and effort into their visit, but never completed a purchase?

Simple. You let Marketing Automation do its job.

By crafting enticing offers for those at various stages of interest, you get to nurture your lead and get multiple shots at closing the purchase, rather than just one.

Your Ecommerce site will inevitably experience the above scenario on a regular basis, so it makes sense to pre-program some messages for those who are “stuck” in your sales funnel.

You can’t call the 92 people today, so why not send them an email instead?

With Marketing Automation, you can. Not just any email either – a personal email, with information they’re interested in, at a time when their focus is on your product.

This one-time effort is likely to pay off in spades. For example, you can set up some rules that will do the following:

Those 16 stuck in “Order Review” –  send an email to let them know that if they complete the purchase in the next 2 days, they’ll get a free gift.

Those stuck in “Checkout” – how about 5% off, just to take them off the fence?

Those with full shopping carts – how about 10% off their next purchase?

Possibilities are endless – limited only by your creativity.

Golden Rule of Marketing Automation

Send the right message to the right person at the right time.