Qualify Your Leads – Automatically

As discussed in our Ecommerce website marketing automation examples, we know that your website visitors will exhibit different degrees of interest in your products and services.

How do you know who’s interested and who’s not?

Lead scoring.

A big attraction of Marketing Automation platforms is lead scoring. Take a look at this simple conversion funnel.

sample conversion funnel

Your visitors generally fall into one of these categories.

Ideally, each group requires a different messaging strategy for maximum effect.

Most businesses fail at this – miserably. Partly because they have no means to adequately measure and identify the other groups and partly because everyone wants to reach that conversion point and often dismiss anything else as a waste of resources.

That’s a big mistake.

Marketing Automation lets you automatically identify what stage your visitor is at and gives you the ability to convince them (aka nurture them) into the next stage in your funnel.

Marketing Automation software will do so by observing and recording how your visitors behave on your website, and you will create the necessary messaging and communication in response to their behaviour.

Then the magic begins.

In practical terms, this means measuring and assigning a score for things like:

  • what pages your individual visitors visit
  • how long they stay
  • forms they fill out
  • information they disclose
  • mailings they respond to
  • repeat visits
  • repeat purchases
  • visiting important pages
  • other criteria you identify

Each visitor action on the site is scored and tabulated to “take the temperature” of your lead and adjust the communication towards that prospect.

This type of intelligence is gold, especially for businesses with longer sales cycles.

Now you can qualify your leads automatically and (automatically) alert your sales team to pursue hot leads while nurturing your not-so-hot leads towards a conversion – also automatically.

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