Marketing Lessons from Successful Video Bloggers

6 Engagement Marketing Lessons from Successful Video Bloggers

If anyone has mastered the art of engaging an audience, it’s successful video bloggers (otherwise known as vloggers). Think about it: while YouTube isn’t the only video sharing platform available, it’s arguably one of the most popular, and according to YouTube’s statistics , the channel has over a billion users–almost a third of all people on the Internet–and reaches more 18 to 34-year-olds than any cable network in the U.S. Furthermore, data shows that a YouTube personality needs almost 800,000 subscribers just to break into VidStatX’s list of top 100 vloggers. That’s a lot of competition for vloggers. And the ones who stand out from the competition do so because they know how to engage their audiences. So what can marketers learn from successful vloggers? More than you might think. Here are six things marketers can learn about engagement marketing from vloggers: 1. Treat People Like People As marketers, […]