How Marketing Automation Can Help Keep Your Business Contacts Database Accurate

Keeping accurate information in your business contacts database is a feat that any business owner goes through. No matter what system you use, manual or digital, pruning your contacts list is a task that must be done if you want efficiency in your business operations. It’s a necessity, not an option.


Human Error in a Business


Ever had the experience of ordering something online and receiving another thing altogether in the mail? Not only is the whole ordeal frustrating, but it also causes you to lose trust in the person or establishment that sold it to you. The staff in charge of the order may think it’s just a simple thing, but to the customer who ordered that product, it can be a massive issue. The wrong item means that the business was tactless and careless, only going for the profit and not the customer experience.


That kind of scenario painted should be avoided at all cost, with the power of social media a small thing such as the wrong package can blow up and damage your brand.


A business has no place for human error, not in managing the finances and more importantly not in customer service. Here’s an example of a simple error with disastrous results; a staff member sends out a welcome letter to a new subscriber. The salutations read this “Dear Ms. Jonathan Burke.”


It’s one small error instead of “r” the staff type “s”, but it had a very big impact on the customer. It shows a very negative impact on the business. Remember, this is a welcome letter which just shows that the business didn’t care enough to double check it before sending.


Marketing Automation and Human Error



  • Removing the Need for Simple Data Entry in Emails


Automation removes the possibility of committing error by letting the software do the data entry. You won’t have to worry about wrong greetings because the tool will immediately input the name of the recipient. When you remove the medium for the error then no mistake will happen. Your staff doesn’t have to do a double check, triple check the salutation or even the email address to make sure that the letter is accurate.


Sending emails isn’t the only thing that automation can help you with. With automation, you limit or even remove the chances of you sending the wrong product or wrong advertisement to another customer. For example, an employee can confuse a customer named Phillip with another customer who also has the same first name.



  • Checking Updated Information for Database for Business



Another problem that your staff face when dealing with customer information, is outdated customer data. Mobile numbers can change in the same way that addresses can also change. Information that’s taken two or three years ago may not be accurate anymore. If you don’t remove old contact information, you end up pilling useless data in your database.


Alerting your customers about any events and even discount deals will be ineffective because you’re sending the material to an unused email. Marketing Automation can help you check responsive and unresponsive emails, which in turn help you clean out your customer database of dead emails.


Dead emails are basically customer emails that don’t open the emails you send them. Removing emails addresses that have been ignoring you for months or even years, is a healthy habit that businesses should practice. It’s best to conserve sales energy on people who are genuinely interested in buying from you.



  • Removing Duplicate Contacts from Your Database



Unlike the old fashion pen and paper style of keeping client information, Marketing Automation presents all data in one file. You can check if you have duplicate contacts in your system by simply typing a contact’s name, if another name with the same contact pops out then you can easily delete the duplicate.


Removing duplicate information prevents your team from sending the same email to your customers. Taking them out of your system lowers the risk of your emails being marked as spam because you don’t send the same promotional material to the same person. For example, you can have two Mr. Jones in your company database, and if you leave it unchecked, you will send the same discount deal to Mr. Jones twice.



  • Minimize Inaccurate Data with Marketing Automation



When your customers first fill out a form on your website, the tool immediately creates a contact for it. So, if for example, a certain woman by the name of Haley Reynolds fills out your form, the tool will create a new contact by the name of Haley Reynolds for you.


This method eliminates the probability of wrong name spelling, incorrect emails, phone numbers and even wrong gender. You can prevent sending promotional materials and discount deals to wrong email addresses. You can even prevent yourself from calling the wrong person, because you can be sure that the phone number entered by the customer is correct.


Another great thing about this method, aside from the accuracy, is its happening real-time. The system creates a contact based on the current date and time, and the user is the one who initiates it not your employees.


Final Thoughts

Automating manual processes help your business avoid customer problems brought on by inaccurate data. You can launch more efficient campaigns because your ads and emails are reaching the correct audience. A business can’t totally eliminate human error, after all, no one is perfect, but what you can do is employ tools to help it minimize such errors especially in customer service.