How Marketing Automation Can Track Your Visitors and What’s in it For You

Being able to track your website visitors often sounds like a weird Sci-Fi flick ability or some secret C.I.A tool. But in all honesty, it’s not. In fact, many successful businesses are using it now. Just count how many websites you encounter, asks you to save their cookies and you’ll get the idea.

Why is it important to track your visitors? How can Marketing Automation do it for you?

5 What’s In It For You Features of Marketing Automation

Tracking Customer Activity
One of the main features of a Marketing Automation tool, is its function of recording what visitors do when they’re in your website. Think of it as a surveillance system that keeps tabs on what people are doing when they visit your store. Like the surveillance, which tells you what products are generally attracting a lot of customers, Marketing Automation will show you which pages get lots of traffic. It also shows you who visited the page and if they just viewed or done something while on the page.

Here are some actions they might do that can be tracked:
Visited a page, e.g., product pages.
How many times did they view a page
Length of time they spent on a page
Clicked a button such as learn more or see more.
Downloaded a PDF or a resource
Clicked your Call-to-Action button

How does it track all these activities?
Tracking codes are like little labels that the tool attaches to a visitor that goes your site. For example, a person sees your ad on Facebook and clicks it. The ad leads him to your product’s landing page. The moment that he enters your site, the tool will assign a number to him. Since he has already been labelled, the tool can then record and check what he’s doing inside your website.

Creating Better Campaigns
Using the data, you gathered from the Marketing Automation tool, your next campaign will be more precise when it comes to the audience it aims to target. You can focus your attention on products that gain the most number of visitors, and those that get the most activities linked to it.

For instance, if you own a vacation rental business, you realize that people who usually visit your site are interested in cottages meant for two people, instead of groups. You can then capitalize on this. Build your next campaign to target couples like those going on a honeymoon or a romantic trip. You can launch your ads during wedding season, or special days for couples like Valentine’s.

Increase Your Conversion Rate
Getting people to buy or avail your product or service is one of the main concerns of your business. After all, it is the indicator that your business is doing well. Increasing the rate at which your site visitors become your customers, a.k.a conversion rate, determines how much revenue you rake in. So, improving it is your main priority.

The data you got from the tool will help you improve your site pages from your home page to your product pages. It’ll give you a clear idea of what real people are actually looking for when they go to your site. Important details such as:
browse time
content they like
products most viewed
similar preferences

All help you make a page that engages people to make a purchase and not discourage them. You can revamp pages to say, lean more towards mothers in their thirties. If you find that most of your customers are have those characteristics.

Retarget Your Unresponsive Subscribers
If you find that you have subscribers who don’t open the emails you sent them. Subscribers who haven’t been to your website for a while now, a Marketing Automation tool will help you send follow-up emails and promotional materials to them. This will perk up their interest. You can configure the tool to send an email twice a week. You can send relevant content, such as discounts and deals to them based on what they previously browsed in your site.

Use the Bull’s eye Approach
Doing a targeted approach that’s planned according to their preferences, will help you regain their desire to purchase something from your site. Here’s an example.

You own an online yarn business, and you have an unresponsive subscriber who used to browse your wool yarn collection (which an automation tool recorded). You can then send an email giving perhaps a 5% discount off your new wool yarns for a limited amount of time. Or, you can offer a buy one take one, whichever deal you’re comfortable with.

By taking this approach, you’ll end up giving a deal that your subscriber actually values.

Double Sales, Shorter Sales Cycle
Combining website activity tracking and website user tracking with the Bull’s Eye method mentioned earlier, you can shorten your sales cycle and double your sales. How?

You Focus on WIIFM (What’s In It For Me)
Basically, this means that all the content you’re releasing from the product promotions to the actual product itself, is based on what your customers are looking for. Since you have real-time, valid data to analyze, you can make better choices with your campaigns.

Aiming your efforts on customer wants, coincides with the law of supply and demand; you are giving them what they’re searching for so naturally the supply (your products) will be bought. You can double your sales by promoting your products that people actually yearn to buy. If before you used to be so focused on advertising synthetic yarns, and data showed people buy your wool yarns more. Then, you can divert all energy to selling your wool yarns.

You are offer something that consumers want which can help you shorten the whole sales process because the people are very near the purchasing phase. Plus a Marketing Automation tool, lets you identify which of your prospective buyers are actually ready to buy and who are not. Using this way you close deals quicker, and you don’t waste time forcing people to buy when they aren’t ready yet.

Final Thoughts
Marketing Automation can do more for you than website visitor tracking. The information it gives you can help you improve your business to be more customer oriented. At the same time reduce your sales time and cut short your sales cycle. Just think of the revenue you’ll earn if you can sell your product in less the time than you do now, and if your promotions help push people to buy from you. Look for a Marketing Automation dealer near your area and change the way you run your business today.