How You Can Diversify Your Client Base with Marketing Automation

Diversifying your client base can be easy when you have less manual tasks on your to-do list.


Marketing Automation will help you:

  • Get the correct client information for your team
  • Determine how visitors are entering and leaving your site
  • Choose the right time to launch your campaigns

The five steps below will show you how to expand your customer base and help your business get more ROI in the future, through better conversions.


Five Steps to Diversify Your Customers

  1. Get Accurate Information

Not all of your clients will like the same thing. They have different tastes in music, in food, and lifestyle. Getting the right information in order to create copy that hits what they like won’t be easy. This is where Marketing Automation comes in.

Break Free From the Traditional

Marketing Automation isn’t like traditional marketing where your team has to do everything by hand. With Marketing Automation, you can view what your visitors are doing on your website without having to spend a fortune, like you’re an agent in a Mission Impossible movie. How is this possible?

Simple. Marketing Automation creates links and triggers that are activated every time a visitor does something in your website. Suppose you sell party decorations, and you have a section dedicated to Harry Potter themed decor. When visitors go to your Harry Potter décor page, you’ll get the idea that they are interested in Harry Potter merchandise.

If another visitor goes to your page and heads for, let’s say Bohemian theme decor, you can confidently say that he or she is interested in the Bohemian stuff. Even if they don’t buy immediately, there is a possibility that they might in the future.

Now, with activity tracking in place you can segregate your would-be customers based on what they like. Marketing Automation let’s you build a client profile that’s accurate (they disclosed their interest by spending time on the pages that interest them) and taken real-time. Now you don’t need to guess who likes what – now you know. Marketing Automation takes notes for you, so you can use this information in the future, automatically.

Classifying Made Easy


With more data gathered you’ll be able to establish a customer database that’s segmented into interest. You can even go deeper by classifying them according to their age, occupation and other essential details. The amount of information you can get about your visitors through Marketing Automation software can be immense.


For example, the time they usually browse your site, and their location. Other information such as: What else do they do when they’re not browsing your themed decors? Do they go to your sales page, or do the check out your blogs?


You can find out all of this through Marketing Automation tools.


  1. Engage in  Bull’s Eye Marketing


Hitting bull’s eye in your marketing is all about dividing your visitors into recognizable groups. Using the accurate data you got using your Marketing Automation tool, you’ll be able to tell which visitors like which content.


When you practice separating your leads into cold and warm and young and old, you’ll be able to create content and promotions that are tailored more to their preference. For example, you could use a 70’s song in a video ad to appeal to older visitors. Or,  you could opt for a 70’s theme in your Facebook adverts. You can even tailor your emails to have vintage vibes.


Your target marketing doesn’t just end with older generations, you can also custom fit them for the younger audience. Pop music and pop artists are the rave when you talk about young people in their early and late twenties. Incorporating celebrity news, and even styling your ads and site content to fit their tastes will help you push your leads down the sales funnel quicker.


Benefits of Segmenting

Your segmentation doesn’t stop with your emails and ads. Your site can even be split into the different customers you have. From having content that’s easy on the eyes for the elderly to having fun designs for the youth. Sales and discounts that are  more appropriate to what they want, instead of a generic one.


Segmentation helps you build your customer bases by creating an experience that’s fit for the specific customer group that you have and not generalizing everyone under a single  lump called website visitors.


  1. Reach Out to Cold Audiences

It’s normal for any business to have customers who are interested in the first ten seconds and later they bail out. But, them leaving your site after a one time visit isn’t the end of the road. You can have other methods of reaching out to them in hopes that they’ll turn into warm leads.


Using Good Ole Emails

One way to get a customer into your funnel is through contacting them. You can do this using different methods. First, you can try the old method of sending emails, which can be tricky in some ways. Sending an email is easy, but getting the reaction you want is not.


It’s very easy to turn people off with unwanted emails. Since, your lead has become cold, sending them generic emails that only offer news is not a good idea. Emails you send to your leads must in the very least be either one or all of the following:


  • Engaging – it offers something valuable. No, news about your products and common reviews will not be viewed as useful by a cold lead. Try trends, fashion news (if you’re in the clothing biz), and events that matter to their age range (for example pop stars for the youth).


  • Offers something – one sure way to grab a person’s attention is by giving them something FREE. Though discounts work too, nothing beats giving free stuff to people. This freebie doesn’t need to be expensive. You can send them a free ebook, or a coupon for a small free product that wouldn’t hurt your ROI. What matters is you give them something that hooks them.


  • Personalized – people respond more to emails written for them or at least feels like it’s written for them. Don’t send the usual emails you give to normal leads. Remember that these leads require special attention like a kid who is upset and needs special attention and a lolly.


Go on Social Media

The third way that you can use to reach out to your cold leads is by using social media. Any business nowadays knows the importance of establishing a base in the social media world. Having a Facebook account is necessary. Setting up a Twitter or Instagram account is also beneficial.


These social media platforms allow you to reach more people and gather more leads.


Leads, later on, translate to sales and significant ROI. Social media can make all of this possible. So, how does having a Facebook account help you ease cold leads into your sales funnel? Well, for one, a social media account gives you more exposure. A well built FB page can earn lots of likes, shares, and comments.


It’s a start considering the 2.27 billion monthly users that Facebook has.


You can reach out to your leads who happen to browse and like any of your posts on your business account. You can launch simple ad campaigns that increase your brand awareness. Or, you can schedule events that give viewers freebies or coupons.


Platforms such as Instagram and Facebook have live streaming features which you can use to showcase your product.


  1. Pick the Right Timing

Timing is everything, and the best way to get more people to notice your brand is making them aware that your business exists at the right time. This means that you release a product when the public demand for it is high.


Ride the Trend


This demand doesn’t just depend on the season like Halloween or Christmas. It requires you to know the trends. For example, going with the flow of an anticipated movie release like the Avengers by making limited products like a Thor T-shirt or hammer themed tumblers.


With the numerous anticipated releases in the market whether its movies, TV series, music videos, you can ride with the tide and create products in line with their promotions. Think of under the sea themed party packages or Disney’s Frozen themed lunch boxes.


Another example of riding the trend tide is checking out what’s in and what’s out online. If having barnyard theme parties is a big hit then you should capitalize on that. Having emails integrated into Marketing Automation will make sending out deals via email easier for you. You can spot through the pages they visit who are fans and who are not.


Know Your Celebrations


There are many celebrations in the country from the big National Holidays to regional ones. You have a lot to choose from if you want to capture leads from different areas. For example Alabama’s “Mardi Gras” celebration. You can create ads and even promotions in line with Mardi Gras if you have leads, cold or warm, living in that state.


Creating merchandise, sales and offers in line with the “Little Rock Riverfest” in Atlanta can get you good publicity from possible leads staying in the area. Into beer? Then you can consider joining the jovial feel of the “Great American Beer” Fest in Colorado.


You have so many festival choices to choose from, and if you want to target an international audience, you can also check out the different celebrations around the globe.


Think of Dragon Boat Festival, which originated in China and is celebrated in other countries which have Chinese Communities such as Singapore and Malaysia.


There are many notable events around the globe that you can incorporate into your marketing style to get new leads.


Learn World Issues

There are a lot of groups around the world who are fighting for just causes. Joining their march through your ads and promotions can show the web that you’re business isn’t just about making but it also fights for humanitarian causes. Think of Tom shoes for example and their style of giving back. Tom’s donates a pair of shoes to someone in need for every pair they sold.


Supporting humanitarian causes such as feeding programs, green living, helping cancer patients, donating to elderly homes all help your brand make its mark. One good side of choosing good causes to fight for is that you get good publicity for it.


Posting ads and promotions and even products as a way to support these movements increase your chances of attracting noteworthy leads.


  1. Get Familiar with New Platforms


Go Social

Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, and many other well-known sites are worth investing in if you want to increase brand awareness and attract more leads. But, there are actually other sites that you can check out if you want to get the attention of a newer audience.


Sites like Snapchat, Tumblr, WeChat, WhatsApp and Pinterest are also good platforms to check out. These sites have average monthly users which make them suitable for spreading a few good words about your business. Plus, you can link your main site to these platforms so they can generate more traffic.


Go Vertical

There are particular sites for special kinds of hobbies, from racing to knitting and even art. Knowing which sites fit your product niche will help you attract the right customers to your main website.


Here are some of the examples of sites dedicated to specific crafts. is a site from people who like to knit, crochet. Crocheters and Knitters usually flock to the site from the latest news on the best yarns, patterns, and materials associated with knitting and crochet. So, if your business sells any of the above mentioned then setting up an account in the site can help attract more leads.


DeviantArt is the site that caters to artists. If your business is more towards selling art materials such as paints, brushes, easels then you should consider making an account. They have a support team for companies who want to advertise in their platform.



At the end of the day, your goal in diversifying your client base is to entice and engage more people into doing more than browsing your site. You want them to ultimately buy from you and even become a lifetime customer. All of that process starts with you getting them as leads. Having a tool like Marketing Automation will help you diversify your clients faster by giving you the information to do so. With an automation tool, you’ll achieve your goal of getting different leads in less the time and less repetitive process for you and your business.