How You Can Improve Your Business Operations With a Clean Database using Marketing Automation

A business that has a clean and accurate database is like a sports car running on premium gas. Putting the recommended gas on your car engine takes care of it; meanwhile putting regular gas will cause damage to the car engine.


When you put bad data into your system, you cause it to malfunction and buckle. It causes you to send out wrong information, to contact the wrong people, and worst make bad campaign choices which leave a big impact on your ROI.


You can’t entirely block bad data from entering your site, but what you can do is clean-up your database to remove any unwanted data from your list. Cleaning your database is equivalent to general cleaning. You scrub the grime, vacuum all the dust, and wash it from the inside out. To help you make cleaning easier, here’s a short how-to guide on what you should focus when doing cleanup, and the benefits you can get it you do it regularly.


Steps to Cleaning Up Your Database


Throw Away, Don’t Hoard


One of the main clutters you can find in a database is the contact information of people who have unsubscribed from your newsletter. You may think that by deleting these contacts you are wasting leads, but in fact, you’re not. Information that is not useful to you becomes clutter in your system, and a very expensive clutter at that, considering that you spend time and effort on them.


You hoard so many unresponsive leads it becomes inefficient and unproductive. Letting go of people who are not interested in what you sell, is not a waste. Instead, you free up space in your contacts for more responsive leads. Think of it as pruning; you cut away dead or unproductive branches to increase growth and encourage your plant to grow more fruit.


Keep Your Field in One Lane


Remember that any information you get from your customers is gold. It’s precious, that’s why you need to think of many ways to use it. When it comes to fields in your fill out forms, single information per field benefits you more than having two for each field.


For example, when you separate your “First name” field from your “Last Name” in your registration form, you can then use the First Name info for your email marketing campaigns and even in your landing pages. Reading “Hey Meredith” sounds better than “Hey Meredith Walters”, right?


Set the Stage, Drop it Low


Go for drop-down fields if you can. It limits human error since you require your visitors to just chose between the options you set. You can avoid spelling errors, wrong addresses, and other mistakes brought on by asking people to enter the data themselves.


Say No to Duplicates


Having a complete set of dinnerware is nice for any kitchen but not for a database. You can have two, three or even five Mr. ABC in your system. It’s a waste of precious contact space.


One of the helpful functions of a Marketing Automation tool is its ability to detect duplicates. A visitor may have forgotten that he or she has registered into your system already. If that happens, the tool will notify him or her that there is already an existing account.


The tool will also notify you or any of your employees if they try to create a new contact, that there is already an existing contact saved.


Advantages of Having an Accurate Database



  • Better Coordination Between Your Teams



When you have reliable information in your hands, you’ll find that your operations flow through more smoothly. Your sales team won’t have a hard time figuring out which leads have high enough scores to be eased into the sales pipeline.


Your marketing team won’t be frustrated as well with unresponsive subscribers, and they can focus more on people who are interested in buying your product. The transitions between campaigns would also be easier because you have accurate data which makes personalizing and creating content quicker.


Personalized emails and campaigns pack more punch so your teams can bag more sales faster, and make the sale cycle shorter.



  • More Chances for Up-sell and Cross-sell



Knowing who is who in your system opens up opportunities for more up-selling and cross-selling. With the help of a Marketing Automation tool, you can track your lead activity and know what other products they’re interested in.


Your marketing team can then use this valuable information to give deals and discounts on the products that they also like. Depending on your sales team’s ability, you can up cross-sell and up-sell at the same time.



  • Prevent Misunderstandings Between Your Departments



It’s frustrating when your whole campaign becomes unsuccessful because of minor errors. Errors such as wrong name, wrong number, and wrong email address can waste an entire marketing and even sales team’s effort.


This wrong information can cause issues to rise between any departments in your business. For example, your copywriters may write a letter intended for a man when in fact the receiver is a woman. Or the marketing team might mistake one lead for another.


You can avoid such a fight if you clean your customer information and prevent incorrect data entry.


Final Thoughts


Having an accurate contact database free of bad or incorrect data not only boost your productivity but also help your team reach the correct leads. Pair a reliable database with Marketing Automation, and you have a system that is productive, shortens your sales cycle, and helps you land bigger, better sales.