Your WWW Dream Team

While is a new company, our people bring decades of IT, web, business and “street-smarts” experience to work for you.  See what our clients are saying.

Ralph Pieczonka

Director of Client Success

Self-described IT fanatic, Ralph’s done IT consulting, web development, SEO and online marketing for hundreds of clients worldwide since 1996. Often asked “How do you know all this ****? (editor: we think they mean stuff)” and described by some as “The Swiss Army Knife of IT” he fully embraces that nickname and hereby pledges to put two decades of IT, web and business experience to work for you!

Alina Kroczek

Project Manager of Client Success

Alina had a successful career in teaching and now has moved onto her passion of IT. She is our resident Project Management guru – her exceptional time management skills and unparalleled attention to detail ensure that your project is kept on track and on budget. Her creativity brings fresh ideas to the table, topped with a positive attitude always guarantees remarkable results.