Improve Your Conversions With Simple Is Good

Spoiler: Most marketing gives up too soon and too easily (because it's not automated.)

You're paying for ads, you get leads - now what?

Nurturing is not just for babies anymore

9 times out of 10 it's not the leads that suck - are you surprised?

Your new lead expects to be educated, informed, pampered and onboarded through a process that makes them feel warm, fuzzy and special. Don't forget a great price too!

You want to turn them into paying clients as quickly as possible.

How do you align these two obviously opposite directions?
Automate as much as possible, that's how!

Inform and Educate - Automatically

Your best client is an informed client. Informed about how you do things, what they need to do, prepare and expect.

Sending your paid traffic to a "buy right here, right now" page may not be the best course of action. You may need to demonstrate some value first; deliver information, show videos, testimonials etc - carefully timed so your lead is not overwhelmed or loses interest.

The Simple Is Good Dashboard has all the knobs and dials to get your formula just right!

Follow Up - Automatically

Ah, yes - the follow up, or rather follow ups! The vast majority of businesses fail miserably in this department.

The Simple Is Good Dashboard gives you the ability to follow up via many channels, automatically.

Email, text, voicemail, phone calls, Facebook - create an unlimited number of scenarios to get seen, registered and remembered by your audience.

All automated, of course - the Simple Is Good Dashboard does not drop the ball, ever! Your followup messages will be sent, every single time, over the chosen medium.

Target And Retarget

Using some clever technologies, you can follow your visitors with offers even after they leave your website.

Your Simple Is Good Dashboard consolidates all relevant information and statistics so your next campaign yields more accurate results than the last one.

Integrations and automations with advertising platforms is available to make things even more cohesive.

Timing. Is. Everything.

A critical part of the mix to improve your conversions is timing.

The Simple Is Good Dashboard goes the extra mile here too. It will even call the lead for you, then call you to let you know you have a new lead and bridge the call so you can speak to your lead immediately.


One Well-oiled Machine

Your arsenal of tools includes email marketing, SMS messaging, Ringless Voicemail, Facebook Messenger and plain-old telephone calling for everyone on your sales team. You can even record your calls if you like for review and training purposes.

If you want to make a dent in your market, all the tools you need are ready for you.

Expert Support

There are many moving parts in your marketing mix and our mission is to make things simple for you.

Expert support and guidance is available at any point in your journey - from how-to videos, chat, tech help and one-on-one walk-throughs.


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