Why Use Marketing Automation?

Primer: Benefits of Marketing Automation for your E-commerce retail business

TRIPLE your sales by sending the right message to the right person at the right time

Online retail allows for some of the most creative uses of Marketing Automation to maximize sales. Sending a “come back and finish your purchase” email after someone abandons their shopping cart is no longer considered creative, as 81% of all shopping carts end up abandoned and everybody in online retail (hopefully) uses this already. Cart Abandonment / Cart Recovery is the most obvious way to employ Marketing Automation, but there is so much more that can be done with a carefully implemented marketing automation strategy for an online store!

Here are some simple, practical examples of what Marketing Automation will allow you to do - automatically.

Re-engagement Campaigns: Identify and engage those who haven’t been on the site for X amount of time, inviting them back.

Post-purchase Followups - great for making your customer feel special and securing another opportunity to sell!

Upsell/Cross-sell: Identify and engage those who bought product X and informing them that product Y goes really nicely with it, but they have not seen the product Y pages at all. Don’t worry though - a Marketing Automation workflow can handle this!

Nurturing Series: We call those email drips - can be used to educate your customers, introduce them to your brand, tell stories, announcements for products they may be interested in (based on their past history).

Reward Loyalty: Loyal customers are going to sign praises to their friends when they’re rewarded with a “thank you”.

Save tons of time. Once deployed, these tools work for you 24/7, automatically - never dropping the ball.

Qualify your Customers, automatically! The Marketing Automation software monitors their every move on your site and builds their profile - letting you identify opportunities to sell more.

Marketing Automation for online retail

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