Partner Networks

Let’s face it… “Old school” dealers, reps and distributors are not going to invest thousands of their dollars into digital assets like websites, ecommerce and electronic marketing to promote YOUR products and services. At best, they will repost a few star items on their website and leave them there forever. Oh yes – they’re not going to send their prospects to YOUR website, for the fear of you selling around them.

This happens all the time, but it’s not marketing. That’s why we have partner networks.

So, what do you do?

  • Build a BRANDED NETWORK of websites, with properly presented products and services

  • Develop a PROPER MARKETING plan, calendar-driven and professionally maintained

  • PACKAGE the whole thing and GIVE IT AWAY to your dealers, reps and distributors

  • PROACTIVELY EXECUTE your marketing plan, helping your dealers, reps and distributors SELL YOUR STUFF from one central location


Complete control

over all digital assets – no issues with wrong pricing, product imagery, out of date inventory

Complete control

over marketing messages – YOU do the marketing (alone or with our help)

Complete control

over who gets to use the assets – use as incentive to attract the best dealers, distributors or reps

Everybody wins.

Especially you.

  • Your dealers and reps sell more of your stuff
  • Your marketing program attracts more quality dealers, reps and distributors
  • All marketing materials can be sequenced (delivered in a certain order) or at will
  • 24×7 availability of your product showcase
  • Built-in recruiting tools for better penetration
  • You get unmatched marketplace presence
  • Changes in marketing direction or policies are instantly propagated, no more confusion
  • Instant updates to all member websites – no more out-of-date listings or content
  • List goes on…!