Cloud Back-Ups

If you were ever in a situation where you lost important information and files without any Cloud BackUp Services, we feel your pain. We use 3 different types of Cloud BackUps that is perfect for your emergency needs!

LT Backup & Pro Backup

LT Backup is a top choice cloud backup software that simplifies managed cloud backups for your files and folders. Pro Backup is a cloud backup for your files, folders and SQL databases.


Compatybile with Microsoft Windows
OS only

backup files icon

Backups all files and folders

SQL Databases backup icon

SQL Databases backups (ProBackup only)

Hybrid Backup icon

Hybrid Backup Local and Cloud

support icon

Ticket support by expert technicians

Unlimited backup history icon

Unlimited backup history, adjustable according to available space

cloud date recovery icon

Unlimited free cloud date recovery

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Proudly Canadian Data centers


With the right disaster recovery plan, a business can survive anything! Prepare your organization for the worst that Mother Nature or human nature can throw at it. When a site-wide disaster hits, be ready to recover with the help of our disaster recovery solution.


Supports Windows operating systems

capture everything icon

Capture everything

Recovery point every 15 minutes icon

Recovery point every
15 minutes

Instant full image recovery icon

Instant full image recovery

Migration icon

Migration: move a system to a new machine

virtual machine icon

Keep working in
a virtual machine

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100% suppervised
DRaaS service

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Proudly Canadian Data centers