Viral Loops

Have you ever been to a website and it asked you to refer your friends for discounts and/or giveaway? Well now it's your turn to have a fun viral referring marketing solution.

A fun take on Word-of-Mouth marketing, Viral Loops allows you to reward your customers for referring their friend with discounts, free products and even early access! To show some numbers, 84% of individuals in 60 nations say they trust friends and family suggestions (Viral Loops Data). With this data, it is with no doubt that a marketing tool like Viral Loops could accelerate and skyrocket your sales.

Take Airbnb as an example.... How did they manage to grow? Check out this video-


  • Templates
    • Referral Templates
    • Facebook Messenger Bot Giveaway
    • E-Commerce Referral
    • Pre-Launch
    • & more!
  • Campaign Tracking
    • Track Overall Activity
    • Easily Manage your live campaigns
  • Analytics
    • Detailed views of campaign proccess
    • Participant insights
  • Landing Pages
  • Integrations
    • Shopify
    • Facebook
    • Google Analytics
    • & more!

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