Before You Join, Here Are Some Answers Of Some Questions You Might Ask!

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Q: Why are you better than everyone else who builds websites?
A: Over the years, we’ve been asked time and time again – “why can’t this web stuff be simple?”
We thought about it and decided to place emphasis on simple. Your day-to-day business is complicated enough and we get it. We are better because we make web presence simple.

Q: What else makes you different?
A: We embrace Open Source technologies – using software that is free to use and modify. What we don’t have to pay in licensing fees for various software results in significant cost savings for your project.

Q: What does the monthly membership buy?
A: We charge a small monthly membership fee for hosting, maintenance of code, upgrades and nightly backups. This ensures being up-to-date with the technical and security aspects of your site and helps us maintain the high quality of our services.

Q: What about site updates – who will do that?
A: For content updates, we will construct a monthly hands-off maintenance package for you, help your staff update or train you or your staff so you can make your own updates to pages. You decide what you need and makes things simple for you!

Q: How do I get started?
A: Contact us for a free consultation and tell us about your business.

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